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Waterproofing work for a temple using FOSROC Brush bound chemical.

  Completed Waterproofing work for a temple roof in JP Nagar Bangalore using FOSROC Brush bound chemical. Brush bond chemical is one of the famous chemicals used for waterproofing work recommended by many engineers. Its characteristic is the elastic type which expands during summer and vise versa. Our company highly recommend this for waterproofing work. During the rainy season, water was leaking from many places.     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

Our new Villa Project @ JP Nagar 8th Phase Bangalore

  We have started a new villa project at JP Nagar 8th phase. Its construction will be Ground floor plus 3 floors. Ground Floor: 1 BHK and Car Parking area First Floor: 2 Rooms, 1 Kitchen with utility, Puja room, Hall Second Floor: 3 Rooms, Hall Third Floor: 2 Rooms with Roof garden Glad to share our new projects        CLICK FOR MORE POSTS