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Structural plans are Engineering drawings that are made based on the Architectural design. It contains  General Notes, Plans, Elevations, Sections, and other details. It is being used during the entire phase of the project and even after the completion of the project. 

Some of the below plans are decided before starting the project

  • Excavation Plan
  • Centerline Plan
  • Bedding Plan
  • Column Structure plan
  • Plinth beam plan
  • Lintel Plan
  • Staircase Plan
  • Roof beam plan
  • Roof plan
  • Detailed information about the use of Steel and Concrete grades.

Before Starting the Project: It is very important to get a Structural plan before starting the work as it has many advantages.  

During In progress of the Project: Once the plan is ready, execution of the project based on the plan is easy as all the stakeholders like Owner, Engineer, Contractor, etc focus on a single goal. It also helps plan the next course of action well in advance as requirements are known.

After completion of the Project: Main use of Structural plan after the completion of the project is if any further enhancement is needed. Based on the plan engineers can decide the possibility of enhancements and the next course of action. 


There are many advantages to having Structural Plan, some of them are listed below

  • Various details are recorded on the paper which gives confidence to the stakeholders focusing on a single goal.
  • It is easy for another team/authorities to understand the plan and approve or reject the plan before starting the work.
  • Execution of the project based on the plan is easy.
  • Estimating the project cost is accurate as requirements are known.
  • It saves money as the chances of rework are very less.
  • It gives strength to the building as use of steel, cement, and other materials are used based on engineering needs.
  • Project execution is fast as requirements are clear and less or no scope for rework.
  • It helps decide the next course of action well in advance.
  • In case of extension or expansion needs, it helps decide the scope.


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