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Engineering your dreams with us. You Dream, We Execute :)

An End-To-End Solution For All Your House Construction Needs

 We understand the meaning of the dream house.  We take responsibility from Bhumi puja to Griha Pravesh and also post-construction services. Our services include Architecture, Structural, Construction, Interior, and many more. Our operation model is turnkey basis, Consultancy, Labour contract or other ways based on customer need.     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    
Recent posts

Foundation for Industrial Gas tank @ Dabaspet (Karnataka)

 Started foundation for Industrial gas tank of capacity 13KL at Dabaspet, Karnataka.

House renovation work @ Koramangala, Bangalore

 Started house renovation work at Koramangala (Bangalore). It includes Bathroom complete renovation Tiles changes at hall, utilities and balconies Repairing kitchen cabinets Complete painting and polishing work We take complete building renovation work across Bangalore and nearby cities.

Industrial Gas Tank installation @ Hoskote, Bangalore

 Completed Industrial Gas Tank installation at Hoskote, Bangalore    Kumud Innovator Pvt. Ltd.  

Gas Tank Foundation @ Hoskote (Bangalore)

Completed Foundation work at Hoskote (Bangalore) where Gas tank will be installed after 1 week of curing.  

Fixing exact position - 35 KL Cylinder bolt system

Preparation for final concreting which is capable of holding 35KL cylinder load. 

Column sharing combined footing

 Columns which share combined footing is ready. It will be used to hold 35KL load of gas cylinder. 

Interior view of our completed project @ Begur , Bangalore

 Interior view of our completed project @ Begur , Bangalore. Please visit our gallery for more photos.