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 We understand the meaning of the dream house.  We take responsibility from Bhumi puja to Griha Pravesh and also post-construction services. Our services include Architecture, Structural, Construction, Interior, and many more. Our operation model is turnkey basis, Consultancy, Labour contract or other ways based on customer need.     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    
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Ongoing residential project @ Bangalore - 3 D Elevation

Ongoing residential project @ Bangalore - 3 D Elevation

Plinth Beam - Minimum and mandatory requirement

Plinth Beam a very important task for building construction. Minimum and mandatory requirement is as below Steel binding as per the structural diagram Proper shuttering work M20 grade (1 Cement, 1.5 Sand , 3 Aggregate) is must Machine mix concrete or RMC for better mixer. Use of vibrator which consolidates the concretes.

Stone Foundation Prior to Plinth Beam

 Stone Foundation Prior to Plinth Beam: Having stone foundation below the plinth beam is a good practice. Below are some of the advantages Proper support to the beam. It protects soil coming out. It also protects rats or other animals entering and making holes as stone  foundation starts from below the bottom of surface. 

Making of Water sump using wire cut bricks

Making of Water sump using wire cut bricks. Before plastering inside below points need to be remembered Wire mesh need to be fix which will protect from cracks Waterproof liquid need to be used properly which will protect water leakage Entire plastering need to be completed in one stretch otherwise there are possibility for join issue. PPC 43 grade cement is best for this work. Proper curing need to done 

Base column on Footing

Base column on Footing: This is the base column which is erected on footing. This is the basis for the column so this should be done perfectly by the help of vibrator and plumb. This portion of column will be filled with soil and plinth beam will rest on it.  

Footing Concrete using M20 grade

Footing Concrete using M20 grade Footing Concrete is the first concrete during building construction. Entire load of the building is taken by this footing so this is the need for having good concrete.  M20 grade (1:1.5:3) 1 Portion Cement, 1.5 Portion Sand and 3 Portion of aggregate is the minimum requirement for footing concrete.    

Importance of Bar Bending: - Basic Civil Engineering

Importance of Bar Bending: Bar bending is the process of cutting, bending and binding the steel rods as per the structural drawing. It is key for any construction as strength of the structure are related to bar bending work.  Below are some of the advantages having good bar bending work It gives strength to the structure Saves material cost as material is used based on the structural specification and chances of wastage is less.  Peace of mind as structure is done as per engineering specification.