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3D Elevation work for our Nandan Vana Jigni (Bangalore) project.

3D Elevation work for our Nandan Vana Jigni (Bangalore) project. It is a best practice to have 3D elevation in the beginning so that structural and other planning can be decided well in advance. Having 3D elevation at the later stage is bound to major changes in the structure and cost escalation.     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    
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Woodwork & Modular Kitchen @ JP Nagar 8th Phase Bangalore

Glad to share our woodwork and modular kitchen at our site in JP Nagar 8 Phase, Bangalore.      CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

2nd Floor Construction for our Jigni Project @ Bangalore

  Glad to share our Second Floor Construction for Jigni Project @ Bangalore     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

RCC for Roof @ Jigni Bangalore

   Our residential construction project at Jigni Bangalore. We are performing First Floor RCC.      CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

Building Renovation & expansion project @ HSR Layout, Bangalore

  Started Building Renovation & expansion project in HSR Layout Bangalore. This is a residential building with an existing Ground and First Floor.  We are adding the second floor and a little portion on the third floor.  Renovation and expansion are very common in construction but special care needs to be taken. It is more challenging if people are staying in the same house along with pets and children.      CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

Primer work at our site in JP Nagar Bangalore

Applied Primer on Walls and grill. Primar is the intermediate layer between cement / raw steel and paint.   It's mandatory to use it before painting which increases the life of the paint and gives nice finishing.     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

PCC work before starting wall construction

  PCC work before starting wall construction is a good practice due to some of the below reason - It helps to put correct marking for the wall. - PCC helps in providing solid support to scaffolding needed during shuttering - This is the place where we apply anti-termite chemicals to protect the floor. - Clean and nice place to mix cement, sand, and other materials needed during construction.      CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

Stone Foundation - Best way to provide support to columns and walls.

  A Stone foundation between the columns is the best way of providing additional support to columns and walls. This concept is disappearing day by day due to the unavailability of natural stone. We are using this for our Jigni (Bangalore) Project.     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

Soil Compaction using water

 Soil Compaction is mandatory during foundation work. Soil compaction using water is the best way as it settles the soil in a proper way.  We are using this in our Jigni residential construction project.        CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

Cube Test - Mandatory during Concreting

 Performing a Cube Test for the sample of concrete used in the construction project is mandatory as it gives detail about the strength achieved after 7 days and 28 days.  It gives the overall idea about the concrete strength used.  Below Cubes are used for our Jigni Project at Bangalore.     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

When to use RMC (Ready Mix Concrete)

 The use of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) is an Ideal choice in construction projects. It is better to use RMC as the mixing quality of Concrete is good to compare to the manual process. Go for Branded RMC for better results. Below are some of the conditions where using RMC will be a good decision -  Volume of Concrete is big -  Availability of raw material like Cement, Sand, Aggregate, Water, etc is difficult. -  Not much place near the site to dump construction-related Raw Material -  Site is in a narrow place where vehicles cant go -  Surface is not suitable for smooth movements of manpower -  Unavailability of manpower     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS