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A 3D elevation is a three-dimensional representation that is prepared based on the architectural drawing. It shows the final look of the building from all sides which includes internal and external views.

Making a decision about 3D Elevation is very essential as it has many benefits which are mentioned below. This elevation is needed during the entire project cycle

Before Starting the Project: It is very important to get a 3D Elevation before starting the work as it gives an exact idea about the look and feel of the final project.  

During In progress of the Project: Once 3D Elevation is in place, execution of the project based on it is easy as all the stakeholders like Owner, Engineer, Contractor, etc focus on a single goal. It also helps plan the next course of action well in advance as requirements are known.

After completion of the Project: Main use of 3D Elevation after the completion of the project is if any further enhancement is needed. Based on existing design engineers can decide what changes will look good in case any enhancements are needed.


There are many advantages to having 3D Elevation during the execution phase of the project

  • The final look and feel are decided and all stakeholders are clear about the outcome of the project. 
  • It saves money as there is very little scope for the changes in design at the final stage.
  • It saves project execution time as the complete plan and design are clear which helps deciding next course of action. 
  • It helps structure engineers to design a structural plan 
  • Providing the project estimate is more accurate because the final outcome is clear.
  • Execution of the project based on the 3D plan is easy.
  • It helps decide the next course of action well in advance.
  • In case of extension or expansion needs, it helps decide the design.