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 We provide services as per client requirements. Below are some of the services provided by us. Please contact us for free site visit and work estimate and also to know more about our services. 

Construction / Renovation

  • Residential / Commercial building construction as per the architectural plan
  • Renovation of the existing building with minimum demolition impact
  • Kitchen renovation 
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Implementation of Vaastu as per customer need.
Interior Work

  • Installation of workstation and office furniture
  • Modular kitchen & all type of woodwork 
  • False Ceiling using gypsum, wood, etc. as per design
  • Installation of fancy tiles and fittings in bathrooms, kitchen, etc.
  • Installation of fancy electrical fittings
  • Specialized paintings & wallpaper
  • Fancy flooring using wood, stone, granite, etc. 
  • Wall cladding using glass, tiles, stone, granite, etc.
  • ACP cladding
3D Elevation
  • External building elevation
  • Internal building elevation
  • Doors and Windows design
  • Cladding work design
  • Painting pattern selection
  • It helps in structural planning Furniture design & its position
Architectural design & Plan
  • Building plan outline
  • Position & size of doors and windows
  • Measurement of area
  • Position of furniture
  • Position of electrical points
  • Position of plumbing points 
Structural Design & Plan 
  • Column center line plan
  • Excavation plan
  • Footing plan
  • Column steel schedule plan
  • Beam steel schedule plan
  • Staircase design
  • Slab plan
Safety equipment installation
  • Installation of CCTV 
  • Installation of fire safety equipment. 
  • Providing safety grill across the building 
  • Installation of safety alarms
Telecom Projects
  • Construction of cell site tower foundation for ground-based and rooftop sites
  • Electrical works for cellular mobile towers
  • Upgradation of existing cell sites as per customer requirements
  • Dismantling existing tower 
Industrial Shed Construction

  • Foundation
  • Wall Construction
  • Floor concrete 
  • Fabricated roof
  • Electrical work
Resource Conservation

  • Use of precast wall & blocks
  • Rainwater harvesting & conservation
  • Reuse of waste materials
  • Solar and wind power generation
  • Provision for natural lights and air
Other Services
  • Digital survey
  • Legal verification of property documents
  • Building plan approval
  • Government-related approvals
  • Fencing or compound wall
  • Waterproofing for floors/walls
  • Annual maintenance services 


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