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Is this company registered with the government?

 Yes, we are registered with the government of India and have acquired multiple certificates. We are also registered as a class 2 contractor under the Karnataka PWD department.



PF NO  : PYBOM1731874000

ESI No  : 50000498570000699C11

What is the payment mode?

We have a dedicated bank account for business. We encourage digital banking and support our government initiatives. Our payment mode is RTGS, NEFT, Cheque, DD, Cash, etc. 

Name - Kumud Innovator Pvt. Ltd.

Current A/C - 6546818863

Bank Name - Indian Bank


MICR CODE - 560019031

What is the process followed before starting the work?

We believe in a process-oriented job. There is a certain process defined by our organization which we follow religiously. 

  • Understand the retirements
  • Visit the site if needed
  • Provide the estimate of work
  • Sign work agreement or work order
  • Initiate the work

Do you take a turnkey project?

Yes. We take turnkey projects of any size.

What about post-work service?

 We are customer eccentric company and we believe in customer satisfaction. We have a dedicated team who handle customer services within the stipulated time frame based on the priority and severity of the complaint.   

Do you take work out of Bangalore?

Yes. our main office is in Bangalore but has multiple sales/site offices across the country. Our major projects are running in Karnataka but we also take projects in other states based on their value and volume. 

How Kumud Innovator is different from others?

Innovative ideas make one different from others. Implementation of some of the below points in our practices makes us different from others.

  • Conservation of the environment is the first priority before starting the work.
  • Safety and security of man and materials are on high priority.
  • Implementation of government rules
  • Process-oriented job
  • On-time delivery  
  • Transparency at all times.
  • Use and understanding of the latest technology by our workers.

What about the safety of workers?

We have a big NO for child labor.  For us, labor dignity and safety is on top priority. Our workers are covered under the ESI scheme under the government of India. Employees on our payroll also have facilities for the provident funds under the government of India rules.  

What is the process of terminating the project?

There might be various reasons for the termination of a project like a change of plan, lack of funds, quality of the work not satisfactory, etc. Let it be any reason, we highlight the termination section in the agreement signed before starting the work and things move based on that.

What if the project is delayed and not handed over on the agreed timeline?

Multiple factors play an important role to delay the project. 

External Factor

    • Natural calamity
    • General strike for workman force or material
    • Change in government rules etc.  

Internal factor

    • Differences in opinion between owner and contractor
    • Fund crunch
    • Issues due to work management etc.

Delay impact and its pricing will be validated among owner and contractor based on the situation and terms and conditions on the agreement signed.

Do you take government approval related work?

 Yes. we help to get government-related approval. Providing or not providing the approval is the complete decision by the concerned authority based on the document provided. 

Do you arrange loans from financial institutions?

 We are associated with various financial institutions. We give references and provide required documents from our end but the decision of granting the loan is completely based on the Bank's decision after validating the required documents. 

Please feel free to contact us in case you require some more information.

+91 9663252233