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Building Interior work @ Budhigere (Bangalore)

  Our Completed Building Interior work at Sriram Apartment in Budhigere (Bangalore). This work is done in a 3 BHK apartment along with Kitchen and Drawing area. The material used for interior work is of a high standard. Work completed: Wardrobe - 3 Nos Modular Kitchen - 1 No TV units - 2 Nos Dressing - 3 Nos Showcase: 1 No Shoo Rack - 1 No     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

Eco-friendly house in Clasic Layout, JP Nagar 8th phase @ Bangalore

  Building Renovation work @ Classic layout in JP Nagar 8th Phase in progress.  This house has maintained an eco-friendly concept since the beginning. Below are a few examples It is made using clay bricks External paint is not normal paint but painted with soil only. Rainwater harvesting is in place Rainwater directly comes in the water sump.  Minimal use of electricity as families are dependent on natural light and air.  Many more eco-friendly ideas have been implemented in this house.      CLICK FOR MORE POSTS