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Eco-friendly house in Clasic Layout, JP Nagar 8th phase @ Bangalore


Building Renovation work @ Classic layout in JP Nagar 8th Phase in progress. 

This house has maintained an eco-friendly concept since the beginning. Below are a few examples

  • It is made using clay bricks
  • External paint is not normal paint but painted with soil only.
  • Rainwater harvesting is in place
  • Rainwater directly comes in the water sump. 
  • Minimal use of electricity as families are dependent on natural light and air. 
  • Many more eco-friendly ideas have been implemented in this house. 



  1. I am always so happy entering your blog, everything is very useful. Whn it comes to cleaning I think I mostly use bicarbonate and lemon juice for all my stuff xD sometimes vinegar too... Imagine how my place smells :D

  2. These green trends have made their way into construction and home design. Eco friendly home designs feature several different characteristics, from the building materials to the interior design. A raised stone foundation keeps standing water away from the base of your cob friendly products store

    1. Thank you very much. Glad to have your comments and thanks for providing detail about Green Construction.


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