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Our First ever Construction Project at Bangalore in 2010.

 This is our First ever construction project which was constructed on Magdi Road in Bangalore. Its construction was completed in 3 Months during 2008. It has given us lots of experiences and the root for our current works starts from here. This is just 1 BHK very simple house.     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

Duplex Villa Construction @ Whitefield (Bangalore)

  Our Completed duplex house at Whitefield in Bangalore. This construction is done in 1150 SFT in a farmhouse measuring 3 acres. Ground Floor: 1 Bed Room, 1 Bath Room, 1 Kitchen, Big Hall First Floor: 2 Bedrooms with attached Bathroom and Balconies.     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

घरकुंदा - Gharkunda (Prototype of a House)

 घरकुंदा -  Gharkunda: It is a prototype of a house that is made with clay and natural materials. It can be maintained for years. It is considered to be very auspicious. Also, there is a belief that Goddess Lakshmi will be happy for you if you do puja during the Lakshmi Puja or Dipawali. We believe in our tradition and prepare these kinds of Gharkunda. Please contact us for these services.     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

Started first floor construction @ JP Nagar Bangalore

  Started First Floor Construction for JP Nagar site after 1 week of water curing.  Concreting the columns using steel made frame which gives nice finish for the column.     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

Duplex House Construction in 600 SFT @ HSR Layout Bangalore

  Below Construction was completed by us in 2008 but have taken photos recently. Site Area: 20' x 30' Area of Construction: 500 SFT Ground Floor: 1 Room, 1 Kitchen, 1 Bathroom, 1 Hall, 1 Parking First Floor: 2 Rooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1 Hall Second Floor: 2 Rooms, 1 Bathroom. Open Roof Solar Panel at the top     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

Quick way of doing Plastering (Wall Construction and Plastering together) an Indian Way

  This external plastering for the water sump (Water Storage) is going to be filled with soil. Cement with waterproof material being used for Plastering. Wall construction as well as plastering happening together. by Kumud Innovator Pvt. Ltd. +91 9663252233     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

Use of Boom Pump for Mobile Tower Concreting

 Use of Boom Pump is a wise decision in case of the some of the following condition The building is multi-floor and there is no option for scaffolding.  If the quantity of concrete is more than 100 CUM.  If it is a busy area and can not afford to block the area for a long period.     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

Services Provided by Kumud Innovator

      We provide services as per client requirements. Some of them are as follows Resource Conservation Use of precast wall & blocks Rainwater harvesting & conservation Reuse of waste materials Solar and wind power generation Provision for natural lights and air Construction/Renovation Residential / Commercial building construction as per the architectural plan Renovation of the existing building with minimum demolition impact Implementation of vastu  Interior Work Installation of workstation and office furniture Modular kitchen & all type of woodwork  False Ceiling using gypsum, wood, etc as per design Installation of fancy tiles and fittings in bathrooms, kitchen, etc Installation of fancy electrical fittings Specialized paintings & wallpaper Fancy flooring using wood, stone, granite, etc.  Wall cladding using glass, tiles, stone, granite, etc. ACP cladding 3D Elevation External building elevation Internal building elevation Doors and Windows design Cladding work desi

Use of M20 Grade Concrete for Concreting Roof of Residential building

 Concreting the roof is one of the major activities during building construction. Below points need to be considered prior to concrete work Proper Shuttering needs to be done and checked by the Engineer. The mat needs to be applied before starting the bar bending work to protect the cement from going out. Proper use of steel in Beam and slab need to thoroughly checked by an engineer. This is the main force that takes building load. Binding the steel is another major task which included the use of Crank, Extra bar, L bend for beams, etc. Electrical work for the ceiling needs to be done before starting the Concreting. The proper mixer of Sand, Cement, and Aggregates need to be monitored. M20 grade is an ideal mix for Concreting. The use of a Vibrator is a must as it compacts the Concrete well.     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

Building Renovation/Construction work at Srirampuram Bangalore

 Renovated an old Building in SriRampuram and constructed a 2bhk house on the first floor. As the Ground floor was already constructed around 50 years back, there was not much scope for major changes keeping the strength of the building in mind.     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

Residential Building Construction Project @ Magadi Road Bangalore

 One of the very basic constructions completed by us. The below photo was taken when the building was about to complete.       CLICK FOR MORE POSTS    

Good Shuttering is the key for smooth finish during building construction

   Shuttering is one of the important activities during building construction work. Accurate shuttering gives good finishing with an even surface which saves money because bad shuttering work will give you an uneven surface that you require more resources to correct.     CLICK FOR MORE POSTS