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Services Provided by Kumud Innovator


We provide services as per client requirements. Some of them are as follows

Resource Conservation

  • Use of precast wall & blocks
  • Rainwater harvesting & conservation
  • Reuse of waste materials
  • Solar and wind power generation
  • Provision for natural lights and air


  • Residential / Commercial building construction as per the architectural plan
  • Renovation of the existing building with minimum demolition impact
  • Implementation of vastu 

Interior Work

  • Installation of workstation and office furniture
  • Modular kitchen & all type of woodwork 
  • False Ceiling using gypsum, wood, etc as per design
  • Installation of fancy tiles and fittings in bathrooms, kitchen, etc
  • Installation of fancy electrical fittings
  • Specialized paintings & wallpaper
  • Fancy flooring using wood, stone, granite, etc. 
  • Wall cladding using glass, tiles, stone, granite, etc.
  • ACP cladding

3D Elevation
  • External building elevation
  • Internal building elevation
  • Doors and Windows design
  • Cladding work design
  • Painting pattern selection
  • It helps in structural planning Furniture design & its position

Architectural design & Plan
  • Building plan outline
  • Position & size of doors and windows
  • Measurement of area
  • Position of furniture
  • Position of electrical points
  • Position of plumbing points 

Structural Design & Plan 
  • Column center line plan
  • Excavation plan
  • Footing plan
  • Column steel schedule plan
  • Beam steel schedule plan
  • Staircase design
  • Slab plan

Safety equipment installation
  • Installation of CCTV 
  • Installation of fire safety equipment. 
  • Providing safety grill across the building 
  • Installation of safety alarms

Telecom Projects
  • Construction of cell site tower foundation for ground-based and rooftop sites
  • Electrical works for cellular mobile towers
  • Upgradation of existing cell sites as per customer requirements
  • Dismantling existing tower 

Other Services
  • Digital survey
  • Legal verification of property documents
  • Building plan approval
  • Government-related approvals
  • Fencing or compound wall
  • Waterproofing for floors/walls
  • Annual maintenance services 


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