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Use of M20 Grade Concrete for Concreting Roof of Residential building

 Concreting the roof is one of the major activities during building construction. Below points need to be considered prior to concrete work

  • Proper Shuttering needs to be done and checked by the Engineer.
  • The mat needs to be applied before starting the bar bending work to protect the cement from going out.
  • Proper use of steel in Beam and slab need to thoroughly checked by an engineer. This is the main force that takes building load.
  • Binding the steel is another major task which included the use of Crank, Extra bar, L bend for beams, etc.
  • Electrical work for the ceiling needs to be done before starting the Concreting.
  • The proper mixer of Sand, Cement, and Aggregates need to be monitored. M20 grade is an ideal mix for Concreting.
  • The use of a Vibrator is a must as it compacts the Concrete well.


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