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Home extension work at Nisarga Layout in Jigni (Bangalore)

 Started building extension work at Nisarga Layout in Jigni (Bangalore). Performed rituals and started the work.

5 Stage processes for Marble Polishing work

There are 5 Stage processes that need to be taken care of during Marble Polishing.  1. Grinding:  It is the first stage that is used for leveling the surface. During this process, scratches will be also removed. For this grit 30 and grit, 50 diamond floor polishing pads are being used. 2. Honing:  It removes visible scratches and any marks on Marble. For this diamond floor polishing pads with grit 100 and 200 are used. 3. Polishing:  Polishing gives a shining effect to the marble floor. For this diamond floor pads with grit 400, 800, and 1500 are used. 4. Buffing/ Crystallization:  Buffing is the final stage in polishing which is also known as crystallization. Here marble gets treated with chemicals that bring the mirror-like shine. For this finer grit, 3000 is used. 5. Sealing:  It is the final stage that extends the life of the marble floor from cracks and chips from the start itself.