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Architectural Plans & Its Benefits



Architectural plans are graphical representations of a house or building keeping technical aspects in mind. It provides an understanding of its various characteristics during different phases of the project.

Before Starting the Project: It is very important to finalize the actual requirements before starting the work as on paper changes can be made multiple times but during construction, any changes will add additional cost to the project. It also helps decide the structural planning and project costing. 

During In progress of the Project: Once the plan is finalized, execution of the project based on the plan is easy as all the stakeholders like Owner, Engineer, Contractor, etc focus on a single goal. It also helps plan the next course of action well in advance as requirements are known.

After completion of the Project: Plan includes internal and external aspects. Once the project is completed some of the tasks are not visible from the outside like electrical wiring, plumbing, number of steel used in beam and column, etc. The plan is very useful after project completion also in case any issues occur or if any extension of the project is needed.

Benefits of Architectural Plan: 

There are many advantages to having Architectural Plan, some of them are listed below

  • Requirements are recorded on the paper before starting the work. It reduces the chances of rework.
  • It helps Structural engineers to design the structural load which gives strength to the building.
  • Estimating the project cost is accurate as requirements are known.
  • It saves money as the chances of rework are very less.
  • Making 3D elevation is easy once the plan is decided.
  • Project execution is fast as requirements are clear and less or no scope for rework.
  • It helps decide the next course of action well in advance.
  • Execution of the project is easy and it requires less supervision.
  • In case of extension needs, it helps decide the scope for extension.
  • In the future, it helps other people to correct the issues by referring to the plan.