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Mould (Fungus) on the wall - How to Get Rid of Fungus and Mould from Your Home

Mould is a kind of fungus that develops due to many reasons. Some of the reason is mentioned below. This will grow gradually if not treated on time. 

  • Humid conditions
  • Lack of ventilation
  • plumbing leaks
  • Use of low-grade paint material

What steps need to be taken to control Mould (Fungus)

  • Remove the mould till you get a solid cement area
  • wash and spray the anti-mould chemicals
  • keep let it dry for a few days and check if mould again starts formating.
  • Repeat the same steps a couple of times till it stops the formation of mould.
  • Apply branded putty and let it dry for a few days before starting the painting. Generally, the painter will apply the paint soon after applying the putty. 
  • Avoid covering this area for a few days after painting.


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