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Column Centerline, Earth Excavation, PCC & Column Marking


Column Center Line Plan: Center line plan is a grid line that passes through the center of a column. A grid of similar lines for several columns forms a centerline plan. It is used to show exact positioning of a column on site. It is divided between X and Y axis.  

Earth Excavation Plan: Earth excavation plan is used on site during excavation. It gives correct information about the size like length, width and depth. 

PCC: Once Excavation is done, PCC using M15 grade need to be done due to below reason

  • To avoid direct contact between steel rod and soil.
  • Leveling the surface which is mandatory before putting the column.

Column Marking: This is best practice to mark column position on the PCC because fixing column is easy as there is very less chances for misplacement of columns.