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Commercial shed construction @ Jigni - Bangalore

Started commercial shed construction for  Gas Industry located in Jigni Bangalore. Please scroll down for step by step activities performed. 

Anti crash C Channel: Installed anti crash C channel which will protect from the concrete when vehicle hits the platform.

Ready for PCC: after soil compaction, site is ready for PCC.

Soil Compaction: soil compaction is needed before concreting. Use of water is best option for natural soil compaction. 

Soil Filling: after completion of stone foundation, filled the area with soil. 

Stone Foundation: Stone foundation work using 6:1 (Sand: cement) ration. 

Earth Work : After completing the Bhumi puja, started earth excavation needed for stone foundation.

Bhumi Puja: performed Bhumi puja on 18 Oct 2023 as per the vastu. Bhumi puja was performed by office staff with great enthusiasm.